Actingworkshops for improvisers

In this series of workshops, you will get more familiar with the language of the acting improviser, you will be doing exercises that will expand your vocabulary, and you will be introduced to ways of using this effectively in your scenic work.

Daily Practice
To practice, the craft of the improviser every day will make it easier to access your skills when you go on stage to improvise. With the exercises introduced in the workshop, 10-25 minutes of training every day would be enough.

Find and develop what it is that characterizes the person you are portraying, and what that does to the storyline.
What can you do to stay in character?

Inspired Response
Based on the idea that we all have an inner creator, we will work on techniques that unleash this being so that our imagination can operate freely and give you something to do both in acting and scriptwriting.

In this work we will explore, and you will experience how powerful the language of the body, the props and the space are. You will realize that these languages are as powerful as words, and often tells more than words.