Classic Keith Johnstone

At the request of Keith, I offer to host workshops in classic Keith Johnstone theories and exercises.

“What comes Next”

Steen and Keith met for the first time in 1972. Since then, improvisation has been the core of all his work in performing arts, including directing, performing and teaching.
The content of the workshop is rooted in the work of Keith Johnstone, and will introduce you to exercises, games and techniques that is a further developement of his techniques and philosophies.

Steens improvisation workshops is based on a unique composition of different performative theories and techniques, derived from e.g. Michael Chekov, Yevgeny Vakhtangov, Etienne Decroux. All in harmony with his experiences working with Keith´s basic tecniques and theories. Steen has over the years worked to find techniques that prepare you, not to be prepared.

My focus in this workshop is to work on story and character.
How do you create a character, be that in drama or comedy. And how do you find the point of the scene, what is the scene about, and how do you bring that story forward, and end it – Steen.

“Steen Haakon Hansen is a good fellow. I know him well (I first met him forty years ago). He is well qualified to teach the methods that I have developed. He is an excellent performer. I have no hesitation in recommending him.” – Keith Johnstone