”Learn to say Yes to the No!”

You must learn how to say No in a benevolent and inspirational way

This way of thinking, acting, and responding is closely connected to and in the same spirit as the joy and playfulness, we are aiming for in the different games and exercises of giving and receiving gifts.

When the other says No to a proposal, I, as an improviser, should see it as a gift; the other is offering me a possibility to play; when I say Yes to No, I will make it an important piece in the puzzle that will bring life to the narrative that is about to emerge.

I must learn how to aloud the No to be a stepping-stone that will lead the way into the unknown. I must train myself to treat No´s with the same compassion and benevolence as I do when I receive a Yes.

As an improviser, I don’t embrace failure; I accept it didn´t work; it was a no-go.

What I do in those moments?

I tell you.

Either concrete or mentally, depending on the circumstances

I put my hands in the air with a smile on my face and with and with a grateful and joyful tone to my voice, I say: “AGAIN!”

Thus, as an improviser, I say yes to the no and let my imagination tell me where to go now.