The Chains of Changes

When I look at my life, it resembles an ever-going chain of changes.

In one moment, I am hungry, the next I am a bit annoyed “The bus is late again”, then a warm sunbeam hits my face and I smile, later I have an interesting conversation with a colleague, then someone tells a joke and I laugh heartly, my phone vibrates in my pocket, “Hello”, a friend is crying “My mother passed this morning, can we meet?”

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

To me improvised scenes should also be “chains of changes”, as improvisers on stage we must be willing to stimulate the spectators by letting the people we portray have a variety of emotional, intentional, and attitude changes.

And I suggest that this kind of flexibility in the way we act and respond on stage should be trained, experimented with, and discovered in the studio.

I think we should find new ways of performing in the studio, and then improvise with these new skills on stage.

Find new ways, stay curious, explore, and create.

Sorry I have to leave the kettle is calling, hot water – tea-time.